Friday, 14 December 2012

2011 Census: Chinese in UK

More statistics are being released recently from the 2011 Census with much more focus on ethnicity. Just as with the growth of the population in the UK, the Chinese population saw an increase from 5% (247,403) back in 2001 to 7% (393,141) according to the latest stats. That's about 58% increase in the past 10 years. However there's no further breakdown of the subgroups such as the nationality or place of birth, but I'm guessing the increase in population is largely due to the influx of immigrants particularly from mainland China. Undoubtedly the population of British born Chinese will also have increased and more or less contributed to the growth.

We often consider British Chinese to be the third largest ethnic minority group in the UK but when you start breaking down Asian and Black into other subgroups it is no longer the case. As for other East Asian groups the details are even more ambiguous. So far there aren't many other details in regards to the lifestyle and well-being of any particular groups. Again, we'll have to wait for the next batch of statistics to be released. But we can certainly say that the British Chinese community is still thriving.

Brief overview of the 2011 Census on ethnicity

More info from the BBC News site


  1. The increase would be far higher, not line with the asians since they breed so much, but certainly not a paltry 2% (which is mostly made up of new Chinese arrivals rather than 2nd, 3rd etc born Chinese) - this is because a staggering 65% of Chinese women are now with white men and having their children. Not only does that leave 65% of Chinese men single, without family and no future descendants, it is completely killing off the Chinese peoples in Britain.

    in 200 years time, apart from the new arrivals the "Chinese" in Britain will be various shades of white.

    1. I'm not sure where you get your statistics from but 65% sounds like too much. Even though it's true that Chinese women have a higher rate of marrying out, it may just be a current trend that will decrease eventually.

      If anything I think white people are more worried that they'll disappear with the rate of none white immigration to the country. 200 years is too far ahead for any accurate predictions to be made.

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  3. I have to agree with anonymous there are various site such as Dimsum that disccourage the talk about interracial couple. The answer is very easy the British just kick out the chinese male. There are something the British are not mentioning that they are doing delibrately on the chinese community which is not discussed on the internet. The chinese government knows thats why hollywood media is blocked mostly in China. 65% is rather high number is around 20% to around 15% I could say. It's definitely happening. Its seems that white extermination is more important to white women than the chinese man dying off and chinese women vice versa. Well the chinese men will have to take down the white women with him if they refuse to marry them. Look at POF theres plenty. The white man is knocking up at least 1.2 women so chinese man will kill off at least 35,000 to 10,000 white women in the next decade. Well as the chinese say 'Every disaster is a opportunity' if the bitches are ignorant so be it.

  4. Hi Can you provide source of Chinese community growth from 2010-2011 census. Thank you.