Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The candle is still burning

6th June Victoria Park, Hong Kong (image from Yahoo News)

As of every year June the 6th is the commemoration of the June 6th incident (Tiananmen Massacre) is held in Hong Kong. It has been 23 years since it had happened and this year's vigil have had the biggest turnout so far as a crowd of 180,000 gathered in Victoria Park that night. Even after 23 years the concern of this tragedy has not faded and is growing more than ever. It has been reported that quite a number of the people who attended the vigil were also from mainland China, where any mention of the Tiananmen incident is hushed and still not widely known. Fang Zheng who was one of the student protesters in 1989 has attended the memorial service. Both of his legs were crushed by tanks during the escape when the army was brought in to crackdown on the protesters. Since then he's been on a wheelchair.

There are two events which possibly lead to an increase in anxiety in this year's commemoration; the Bo Xilai and Chen Guang Chen incident. Also the scandal behind the pseudo election of Hong Kong's chief executive may have added another layer of perseverance. These are possible signs that politics is changing in China (and also power struggle at the top of the Communist Party). But it is anyone's guess whether this signify that the country is taking steps toward political reform.

The justification of the government's action during and after June the 6th incident is one thing but what's more important is for everyone to know the full truth about the massacre, especially an accurate account from the government's side of what went on behind the scene during the event. At least the nation and the victims' family (including soldiers who were killed) are owed a true explanation and openess to this matter. Until then we cannot possibly put a close to this tragic chapter in history.