Friday, 20 April 2012

Children of the elite

Pretty much most people are aware of the Bo Xilai scandal which has caught the attention of the media around the world. There isn't much I want to talk about in regards to the incident and I think most of it revolves around speculations and gossips. However I do want to bring up Bo Xilai's son Bo Guagua. I wonder if anyone remember back in 2009 about this Big Ben Award, an award 'to give formal recognition to the Chinese young people who excel in professional endeavours and contribution to the British community' (as mentioned in their website) in which Bo was the winner. This event was highlighted on the Dimsum website. Yes I'm sure like me most British Chinese was quite baffled at the time as to why he has won.

Bo Guagua's background is typical of whos parents are of high positions within the Chinese Communist Party as politicians or officials. They're part of the elite and privileged who are brought up in a rich lifestyle that majority of the population can only dream of. The reliance of their parents status and power means they're guaranteed sucess in life even without hardwork. Like Bo many of them are sent abroad to top prestigious schools and universities, the admission to these schools are greatly assisted by their parents wealth and power. Not only that many have also gained residency or citizenship in the hosted countries. So where's the patriotism that the country are so keen to promote?

In Bo Guagua's case it has clearly shown nepotism at at work. He came to England at the age of 12, went to Harrow School apparently with the help of Neil Heywood (yes the bloke who was supposedly murderd by Bo's mother). After that he went to Balliol College at Oxford. But he is also known to have a very poor academic performance. It's a disclosed fact that he lead a very hedonistic lifestyle; seen driving a Ferrari, partying with girls and getting drunk. All of it at the expense of his parents' money of course. At the momoment he his studying at Havard.

Going back to the Big Ben Award it's no suprise then that Bo's repuatation has influenced on the decision to award him. Seems like corruption has infriltrated oversea Chinese communuty. Then again the award is hardly of importance in itself. There's nothing against Bo Guagua himself as there's no reason to do so afterall he's just the resultant of his elite and corrupting parents.

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