Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The BBC Ronin's fashion study for men

I just like to break up the heavy stuff with some light hearted posts.

As I grow older I'm starting to become more and more conscious of the way I dress, something that I always neglect when I was a teen. As I'm going way into my late 20s now I've been going into a transition to improve my warddrobe (as in my clothes). Here are some useful tips (or point) I want to share with those who also wants to improve their style. These are just (very rough) guidelines not strict rules to follow and some are specifically for BBC males.

1. Dress like your age
A lot of the clothes and styles might look good when you were teen but will look ridiculous on a grown man. Basically if you're an adult then dress like an adult. That means less skater or sporty clothing. Even if you follow a certain subculture like goth or punk you should tone it down a little.

2. Proper fit
The clothes that you wear should always fit your body frame just right. Nothing too baggy that you'll look like a stereotypical rapper or too tight that your body is about to burst out. Take into account your body type as well, you need to make sure what you wear looks proportionate to your body. It's common sense but I always see people get it wrong. Since clothing sizes are based on averages you won't always find a perfect fit. The key is to try out various brands as the sizes can vary.

3. Following trends
As we're always influenced by fashion adverts and celebs, we tend to follow whatever's on trend. It's perfectly fine to take influence from magazines or whatever's popular however if too many people dress the same then you'll look like a carbon copy of each other. There's nothing wrong with wearing some trendy pieces of clothing but it's important to give your style some individuality. There are some clothes that never go out of fashion like denim jeans, leather jackets, casual boots and plain shirts that you can mix up with trendy pieces of items.

4. Dressing like a Hong Konger
Or rather don't. This is specifically refers to BBCs who try to imitate their HK cousins but usually they failed and end up looking like a half assed FOB. Although I do think that we should take cues from Hong Kongers for their effort to dress well but I find that many just blindly follow trends without considering whether it'll look good on them or not. Plus most of them just copy Japanese and Western fashion anyway.

5. Brand names
Nothing wrong with wearing popular brands however don't overdo it like you're some sort of walking billboard for fashion brands. The worst ones are clothings that have massive brand logos across them. Even if you're rich and can afford expensive clothes, showing it off will just make you look like a prat. Try and wear brands more subtlely instead.

6. Colours
Certain colours complement with each other better than others. Certainly true with clothings. Check out the colour wheel for guidance. If you don't want to be too bold then stick with neutral colours like black, white, grey or khakis but introduce a little colour to make it less boring.

7. Keep it simple
Basically don't complicate yourself with too much details like different patterns, colours and style. It's better to dress plainly than something too extravagant. Unless you want to look like a clown that is. Remember less is more.

8. The hair
Hair is something you can spend ages working on or some people don't bother at all. But it differs from one person to another. If you a bit lazy like me then you can't go wrong with short back and side. But leave some length at the top so you'll have something to work on. I've seen some Chinese kids with the 'anime' style hairdo and I think it looks atrocious no matter at what age, leave it to cosplay. As for long hair, it's not for everyone but some can pull it off. There's a whole lot to write on this topic but basically make sure the hairstyle fits your face shape and always make an effort to groom it.

9. Don't be too frugal
It's true that wearing clothes that cost hundreds of pounds doesn't automatically makes you look good (see point no.5), it's all about how you wear them. However that doesn't mean you should be a cheapskate and buy all you stuff from Primark either. Sometimes it's OK to spend a bit more on certain clothings as higher end stuff tend to be of better quality and last longer. Just as long you're sensible with your budget then it's fine.

10. Layering
It takes some experiment but knowing how to layer your clothings is very important. Start off with lighter garment first and work around it. Also take into account when matching colours and patterns. But don't do the T-shirt over long sleeve sweater thing, because it looks naff on a grown man.

I hope some of you will find these tips useful. It takes some time and experimenting to get the style that you're cormfortable with but you must start doing it now. I think everyone should make a little effort to dress well because it can exert a positive impression of yourself to others and also boost your confidence. Not to mention it helps to attract the attention of the ladies too.

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