Friday, 30 March 2012

Hong Kong election

We must liberate Hong Kong

It has been almost a week since Hong Kong has elected it's new Chief Executive CY Leung beating his main opposition Henry Tang, and already the citizens are out on protests within days. He is also rumoured to be a member of the Chinese Communist party and once mentioned that he will suppress protesters with tanks and tear gas. But who knows. I've been following the election quite closely and for most part it was quite entertaining. To be honest it's nothing like the elections that I've seen in the UK. It feels like watching the Jeremy Kyle show, I could imagine hearing all the audience oohing and gasping as the candidates (two grown men and a clown) engage in mudslinging match against each other with scandals after scandals. It was comical.

It goes to show that Hong Kong is still behind other developed countries when it comes to politics. The political has been deteriorated since the British handover. Although I don't endorse colonialism but it's fair to say the British were much competent at running Hong Kong, because they actually 'get things sorted' and they were serious politicians (even though they reaped a lot of benefits from it). Whereas now the city is mostly run by greedy tycoons.

Despite running under 'one country two systems' it's not a secret that Beijing does have a lot of influence on the political affairs. Many of its citizens are eager to elect it's own Chief Executive by 2017 through a proper democratic system whilst currently the election are only held by voters within a constituency consisting around 1000 members, but at the moment there is very little hope that it's going to happen. Even if it will there's still a lot works to be done for such system to succeed. But for the time being they'll have to put up with Chairman Leung.