Saturday, 25 February 2012

Join the Linsanity

A lot of people (not just basketball fans) has been raving on about the sensation of the new York Nick player Jeremy Lin lately. Especially for Chinese, turn to Chinese news and you'll always see him on the sports section. Even Taiwanese claimed Lin (American born Taiwanese descent) to be their 'son'. During his interview with the Taiwanese press he could only answer back in English just go to show how much cultural relevance he has with his motherland. But at least he does make an effort to connect with his heritage.

Asian faces are rarely seen in competitive sports like basketball in the West, so when an Asian player step into the game that is this good it's no surprise there's going to be a lot of hype. For many oversea born Chinese Jeremy Lin serve as a positive role model who defied stereotypes and racial prejudice (which he has faced many) to become the success he is now. As well as a graduate from Harvard, something Chinese parents would be proud of. I think Lin is an inspiration for many young East Asians in Western society that we can achieve success even we have to face all odds. I also hope that our parents will see that success doesn't solely come from just studying books.

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