Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wong Fu Productions

Ted Fu, Philip Wang and Wesley Chan

Last week Wong Fu Productions have made a huge announcement last week that they'll be going to Taiwan to direct a new music video for Taiwanese singer Wang Leehom. Wong Fu Production is a great phenomenon that grew from a group of friends to a proper indie production house with a huge following around the world. It was back in 2006 the film Yellow Fever that first brought them so much attention and remained to be one of their best known works. Since then they've been constantly putting out shorts, music videos and comedy skits on Youtube, whilst gaining increasing number of fans. Some videos even get several millions of views. Comparing their earlier productions which seemed so amateur to the ones they've been doing so recently, they've come a long way. The qualities look so professional considering most are shot with a tiny or no budget, a perfect example of guerrilla film making. Now that they're working with Wang Leehom, an Asian superstar this had to be their greatest achievement yet.

A little thought on the side; the internet is a very powerful medium if utilized in the right way and Wong Fu have certainly took advantage of it to become what they are now. Of course you can't overlook the fact they are a talented bunch and very committed to their works. Even though they're not exactly mainstream but I think has played a part in creating a presence for Asian Americans in the Western media. For this I really do admire their effort and they have also inspired me do to get my cameras out and start my own project possibly sometime in the future.

Wong Fu Productions

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