Thursday, 8 September 2011

Doing the Asian eyes on Vogue Japan

Vogue Japan or rather the editor of Vogue Japan Anna Dello Russo have caused controversy with a video showing a shoot of the model Crystal Renn with her eyes taped back, some how resembling the slanted 'Asian' eyes. It's not sure what's the intention of doing that to her eyes or whether it was done to imitate the eyes of East Asian. The reaction has been quite mixed from what I have read, some find it offensive whilst others did not see it as a big deal. The fashion and art world has been known for crossing the boundary of political correctness and causing controversy.

The eye pulling gesture has been known for the mockery of the distinct Asian feature, however in Asia this gesture does not have any offensive means compare to Asians living in the West. Baring in mind this is a fashion shoot for Vogue Japan. So is Vogue being racially insensitive or is it others being too sensitive? Personally I find what's been done to the model's eye to be rather hideous looking, the taped eyes aren't symmetrical and as some have mention she looked a bit like Boy George. If this is what they call a tribute to Asian beauty then obviously this is a failure.

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