Monday, 6 September 2010

Not So Charming Man...

Yes you heard the outrageous comment from Morrisey calling Chinese 'sub-species' for mistreating animals. He has a track record for causing controversy with his racially charged comments, so it's nothing new here. Some say his comment were just winding up the white liberals, whilst other say it's a publicity stunt for his latest album/tour. Well I'm pretty sure that won't go down too well if he ever decide to release anything in China. To be fair most Chinese most likely have never heard of Morrisey to even give a damn.

As for myself I'm not offended or angry. But this does not mean it's justified though, whatever the motivation (means to generalize Chinese people or provoking controversy amongst white liberals) I think comments like this will have some negative impact towards the Chinese community being one of the least vocal groups in the UK. In regards to my views on animal cruelty in China I'll leave that for another post.