Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Hong Kong Tourist Tragedy in Manila

Eight people have been killed in a bus siege containing Hong Kong tourists in Philippine. The bus was hijacked by a gunman who was a former policeman, when the group was about to make it's way to the airport on apparently the last day of the tour. I've been following this on the Chinese news channel, it was very saddening watching the survivors being interviewed on TV. A woman who lost her husband and two daughters, an injured young girl was interviewed in the hospital bed who has yet to find out that both of her parents were killed. It was very heart wrenching. Two of the survivors are British nationals.

The Filipino police force has been heavily critisized for it's incompetence in handling the siege that took ten hours which could have been resolved without any deaths. The police force admitted that they were not trained and equipped for this sort of ordeal. Here's an interesting analysis from the BBC in how things should have been done:
Ten things the Philippines bus siege police got wrong

The chief executive of Hong Kong Donald Tsang is demanding an explanation about the incident, a delegation from the Philippines will be sent to HK in a few days.The tragedy has not only caused grief amongst HK citizens there's also the feeling of anger. SE Asia has been favourites for thousands of holiday makers from HK, for something like this to happen on vacation it is utterly shocking. I feel very sorry for the family and relatives of the those who were slain as their lives will never be the same again and this incident will haunt them forever.

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Monday, 2 August 2010

Aftershock 唐山大地震

Aftershock is a big budget film based on the 1976 Tangshan earthquake which had the highest death toll of all earthquake in the 20th Century. The film is directed by Feng Xiaogang. The film has also recently broken box office record in China grossing over 100 million RMB in the first 3 days. From the trailer the film looks pretty epic that feature some neat CGI effect. It is also the first Chinese film to be shown in IMAX format.

Feng keeps his promise as 'Aftershock' dominates box office
'Aftershock' shakes the Chinese box office, setting new record