Monday, 7 June 2010

Tiananmen 21 years on

It was just a week ago that marked the 21st anniversary memorial of the Tiananmen Incident, I read on the news that a diary which supposedly belongs to Li Peng will be published in Hong Kong. Li Peng was the man who ordered the the tanks to be rolled into Tiananmen Square to crush the student protesters that lead to one of the most memorable tragic events in recent history. The diary that is set to be published will feature detailed account into the incident from the government's perspective. If this turned out to be authentic then this will definitely be an exclusive insight into what was going on behind the commanding power of the Communist Party at the time.
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Mainland China is still very restrictive on anything in regards to the incident. Hong Kong is the only place where people can openly commemorate Tiananmen where there's a huge turnout to the event every single year. With this years commemoration the Chinese University of Hong Kong have resurrected a bronze replica of the Goddess of Democracy that was used in the 1989 protest. Apparently they called it the 'New Goddess of Democracy' (新民主女神像), however it lead to a little dispute with the authorities as to whether it should be allowed in the campus.

On the other hand I was watching a Hong Kong TV political show about it (I prefer the Hong Kong media when it comes to report about China because it's a bit more neutral as well as informative). From what I got from the show; despite the Chinese government's are still very reluctant to be open about the massacre, there is some signs that they are a bit more relaxed about it and allow some sort of 'low status commemoration' probably meaning nothing that would attract huge public attention I suppose. Well I'm not sure how true it is this but I hope there is some progress.

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