Friday, 2 April 2010

Super clever Chinese and Indian children = not British

Just came across this post from Anna Chen's blog. The controversy here is not that Indians and Chinese produce the cleverest kids but rather the way in which the article she was referring to was titled. Suggesting that the term British is only exclusive to white British people, where as Chinese and Indian (even born and brought up in the UK) are still aliens. Or did they meant that Chinese and Indians are so amazingly clever that they can't possibly be classified as British....humm. I'm sure it's just a silly mis-wording of the title. Well it's from the Daily Mail after all.

And as for Chinese and Indian kids being high achievers in high school, c'mon this is old news. Even the last census have already shown this. Those who have brought up in Chinese families should already know how much pressure our parents have put us through in regards to education thus yielding many 'high achieving' kids. The topic can be expanded further however I'll leave that for another post for now.