Monday, 23 November 2009

Traditional Chinese rites and etiquette

Got these videos from a forum demonstrating social rites and etiquette in ancient Chinese society, largely based on Confucian rites (aka Li in Chinese).The videos are in Mandarin, which means I could only understand bits of it, but you'll get the gist of it.

Ways of greeting:

Eating etiquette:



Tea rituals:

Using chopsticks:

Rites in Chinese New Year:

Of course to Chinese who are born in the west would have little familiarity with the customs, it's almost alien to us. I wonder how many of these Confucian rites and etiquette do Chinese know nowadays? Yes, there's even etiquette for smiling too. However I think even in ancient times only the higher tiers of society would strictly follow them. These traditions has been long abandoned or maybe watered down to some extent for the convenience of modern society. Though I know that bowing is still widely practiced in Japan and Korea (which has been strongly influenced by ancient Chinese culture) for greeting people.

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