Monday, 26 October 2009

Bashing Time

It's been a few days the show's been aired and I think the controversy is quickly dying down. So was it right for the BBC to let BNP (Bollocks British National Party)leader Nick Griffin to be on Question Time? Well for the sake of entertainment it was amusing to watch him getting torn apart by the panelists and audience, as well as stumbling and making a fool out of himself. However let's give him some props for having some nerve to appear on the show to be humiliated (quite deservedly so) and to be fair he was outnumbered, it may win him some sympathy but not sure about the votes though. Not saying the other three representatives of the opposition parties were any good either. They should have give him a bit more chance to speak without cutting him off, just to let stupidity speaks for itself.

Giving Nick Griffin the platform to spread his bullshit to the mass and to be accepted on a mainstream politics show were quite expectantly met with a lot of hostility and protests at the BBC by anti-fascists groups. There was also fear that violence against ethnic minorities will escalate because of this, though there's no doubt the BNP would unadmittedly justify violence towards non-whites, however lets not give them too much credit at this point. To be fair the racist numskulls would cause harm towards ethnic minorities regardless. Yes, I'm talking about those imbeciles who go around and harassing ethnic takeaways at night. Or those cowards who think ganging up on a defenseless foreigner would some how make them superior. Though I wouldn't be surprised that they also make up a fair number of the far right supporters.

The BNP is hardly the forefront of racism in the British society as most people make them out to be. IMO fighting against a fascist or far right only tackles a certain aspect of racism, because racism can be found in any part of the political spectrum and society even where it's not expected (but I won't go too much into that for now). Though the growing threat is imminent, especially with the current state. One of the best ways to tackle this problem is to expose them through open debate and not censoring them, because otherwise that will only play into their advantage of using 'self-vicitimisation' to gain support.

So should BBC allow Nick to appear on the show in the future? Personally I prefer not, seeing his ugly face once is enough. Let's hope as one of the audience suggested he and his party be sent to the South pole before that happens.

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